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Operator: Making The Equation Work

Do you have a great idea you’d like to get off the ground but don’t have the specialised knowledge, infrastructure or connections needed to make it happen? Or does your new startup require ancillary staff you can’t afford to hire on a permanent basis yet? Perhaps you just need some support and advice?

Whatever it is… Operator can help.

We create businesses from nothing but a thought.

Schedule a meeting with one of our architects today and get the ball rolling. Let’s make your idea a reality. Let’s build the future.

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Why choose Operator?

Latest Technologies

Operator can boast of having some of the world’s best software engineers in house, pushing boundries and driving innovation. And based in the Silicon Valley of Europe, we also have access to a  pool of top talent.


Operator brings together over 100 years experience to work on your project. We also spent 7 years developing our unique framework which makes it easy for entrepreneurs to test their ideas without wasting time and money.


We’re here to help you grow, not hinder your progress with one-size-fits-all rules or requirements. Take as much or as little of whatever it is you require, as and when you need it.

Our Services

We have what you need, or can get it.

It takes a lot more than the intial idea to create a viable business. Operator can help you with everything else that goes into the mix.

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Software Development

Have some of the best software engineers in the world working on your project to realise your vision.

Web Hosting

From small to large websites and enterprise level requirements, we’ve got you covered with fast optimised servers.

Call Centre

Whether you need lead generation, bookings, or customer surveys, our call center is on hand to get the job done.

Customer Support

Integrate our unique support system into your operation to instantly increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs.


It’s a fact that two heads are better than one. We are here to help and advise in those areas where you lack expertise.

Application Services

Let us handle your on-demand software and SaaS needs, guaranteeing reliability and security on your behalf.


When the time is right, Operator has the connections to find the right people to help you move your vision forward.

Sales & Marketing

Covering cutting edge digital strategies to more tratidional channels, we have the expertise to help you drive sales.

Administrative Tasks

Few entrepreneurs have the time or inclination to attend to the day to day clerical work we take on for our clients.


Taking on full time employees is not always a viaable option for growing startups. Outsoucing bridges the gap.

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